WBExL provides a safe and caring environment for our students – one in which they can enhance their social and emotional skills.


We make sure students feel respected and appreciated by listening to what they have to say and, in turn, helping them express their feelings and thoughts in a respectful way.


We mentor and guide students, recognizing that each interaction is a teaching opportunity. We enable learning beyond the school hours – not only in a safe manner but in ways that are fun and creative.


Much of this learning is done through the variety of clubs that we offer.  Some of the clubs we are running for the 2019-20 school year are Dance Club, Origami Club, Chinese Language Arts, Show & Tell Club, Knitting Club, B-Ball Skills Club, and so much more.


Before and after school programs are crucial for families because of hectic work and family-life schedules. WBExL is proud to be part of the lives of our students and families through innovative enrichment activities that support academic and social and emotional growth.


Maridel Perdomo

Director of Extended Learning Programs
(617) 489-5153