Summer Learning Can Be Creative and Fun

by Maridel Perdomo


Summer is a fascinating time to continue learning without the pressure of having an assignment due. There are many ways to do this. The “process” of learning is so exciting as it is not held to the final product. Summer is an excellent time to explore new interests and be messy, creative and curious without noticing that we are learning.


I always encourage my team to think about the process, which is way more important than the results. Therefore, I encourage you to focus on the process of learning with your children instead of on the final product during the remainder of this summer. Allow them to do a lot of hands-on activities, sing out loud, dance, laugh, be outdoors, appreciate nature and learn new jokes.


But summer is also the perfect time to teach your child that turning down the noise is crucial to developing a healthy brain. Teaching them to embrace sitting quietly for a couple of minutes each day to listen to their inner voice is a great way to learn about themselves. Developing the skills of enjoying silence is highly important, especially now that there are so many distractions with all the technology available. For example, a quiet time activity can happen during sunset to create a beautiful and fond moment that they will remember as adults.


I hope you load the remainder of this summer with creative activities and moments of shared quiet that can be remembered forever!