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To ensure the health and safety of WBExL students and staff, we are running an innovative program in lieu of our traditional before and after school program. To learn more, email the program director at and apply online.


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The 2020-2021 Online Registration may be completed by clicking the button above or in the right-hand margin of this page. Any admissions are conditional until final registration of the student at WBES is confirmed by the school department.  Click here for the registration timeline.


Priority enrollment is given to families needing the most days of care (e.g., five days are admitted before four days). Parents interested in exploring enrollment at WBExL should contact Director Maridel Perdomo.


Open registration for:


  • Current families requesting 5 or 4 days of care per week

  • Existing part-time families looking to increase to 5 or 4 days of care

  • New Families, including for kindergarten applicants, requesting 5 or 4 days of care (proof of enrollment required)

  • Current families requesting 3 or fewer days of care

  • New families, including for kindergarten applicants, requesting 3 or fewer days of care (requires proof of enrollment)

  • All new applicants considered until the program reaches maximum capacity


A $50 non-refundable application fee and a $250 nonrefundable deposit are due at the time of the online registration.


Please Note: All current families must be up to date in their 2019-20 tuition payments in order to have applications for 2020-21 considered.


Registration Notification

Admission to WBExL is contingent on enrollment in Winn Brook Elementary School. Any students that are accepted to WBExL but not subsequently assigned to or enrolling in the Winn Brook Elementary School will lose their spot in the After School Program to families on the waitlist.


Limited financial assistance is available and must be requested at the time you submit your registration. Decisions on awards will be made by the Winn Brook Extended Learning Advisory Council prior to the June 1st deadline for parents to confirm their acceptance of the admission offer. The form may be found here (PDF).


Once a student is enrolled, and the initial tuition payment has been made, families are accountable for the full value of the signed contract for the school year. A reduction in the number of days will not change or eliminate the original contract and financial obligation to WBExL.