Learning to Reconnect

By Maridel Perdomo, Extended Learning Director 


The past year has been extremely challenging. However, it has also been extremely rewarding. Nobody could have been prepared for what has been an uncertain and challenging time in all of our lives. All over the world people and businesses have been forced to adjust to the stringent circumstances almost instantaneously. This has certainly been the case for the Winn Brook Extended Learning Program. However, for us, it has also become a time of self-reflection, and a chance to reconnect and strengthen our relationships with each other. 


During the pandemic, with the program closed or at minimal capacity, we relied on the support of not only our families but our colleagues as well. For educators all across the world, it was a time to come together. It was no different within our own program. It forced us to be even more creative and expand our thinking, working together to adjust the way we teach. We became more versatile and developed skills that we either didn’t use much or didn’t have at all, and we did it together. 


Thanks to the support of our community, our ability to stay positive, and our will to persevere, we have gained some new perspective, and our team is now stronger and more connected than ever.