Diversity Is Among Our Greatest Strengths

At Winn Brook Extended Learning (WBExL), we understand that a brighter future starts with teaching our students that everyone belongs.  We want them to see the value in our cultural differences and the importance of equity for all. Diversity is among our greatest strengths and both a resource to draw upon and a source of celebration. 


We utilize our staff members’ interests and passions to bring programming to our students that exposes them to many different types of activities and learning opportunities.  These activities include art projects, science experiments, language lessons, cooking, sports, music, and more.


Additionally, we offer a variety of clubs that students get to choose from. Some of the most popular clubs include knitting, cooking, floor hockey, graphic design, theatre, poetry, and many more. We also invite special guests on early release days to expose our students to fun activities while learning at the same time.


The Schools for Children Extended Learning Programs are EEC-licensed programs providing a high-quality extended day program for children enrolled in the BEEP program’s Lynch and Putterham locations and for students enrolled at the Winn Brook Elementary School in Belmont. We offer supervised and staff-directed activities that are designed to enhance student learning and promote their overall social and emotional development.


Skilled faculty and staff recognize the various needs and interests of children at different ages and stages of development. Those variations are used as the basis for creating engaging activities which also serve to enhance the social and emotional skills of our students.